• Build a sustainable future for Gawura

    Please help make Gawura sustainable well into the future to help deserving students have a life filled with opportunity and choice.

  • Volunteering with Gawura!

    We are extremely grateful to all our volunteers who join us each morning for the Gawura Reading Programme. If you would like to be a part of the programme, we are now taking applications for Term 2.

  • Donate Today

    Make a donation to Gawura and help bring balance to education in Australia. Your donation will help us provide the life-changing gift of quality education to deserving students.

  • Our new Kindys

    Welcome to Kaleb, Jenarose, Annie, Tilly and Bradlee. We are excited to have you with us in Gawura!

    Welcome to Gawura

    “The continued strong growth in Gawura this year has been extremely encouraging. It is wonderful to see the children’s day to day effort and enthusiasm for all aspects of school life. Each day begins like the last. Smiling faces, a chat with our beloved bus driver, Dennis, a race around our rooftop playground and into class to make the most of every opportunity. This love of school is infectious and it is promoting tremendous success both individually and collectively.”

    David North, Head of Gawura, 2014

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