Let’s Count

Posted by: Gawura on 26th Jun 2015

Let's Count flyerAfternoon rooftop BBQ and making maths fun for Gawura!
Thursday 23 July – All Gawura parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Let’s Count workshop – 1-2pm
Rooftop BBQ- 2-3pm

On Thursday 23 July we are introducing a new initiative to Gawura parents, which is Let’s Count. It is a one hour very interactive and fun workshop which supports parents and carers to develop the Math’s skills of the children in their care. This is done by noticing, exploring, and talking about numbers, counting, measurement and patterns in their daily lives.

Let’s Count supports parents to have the skills and confidence so they can develop the Math’s skills of the children in their care. The program emphasizes Math’s in the everyday, and helps children to see Math’s as relevant, stimulating and exciting, which sets them up for future success.

It is a very hands on workshop run by the Smith Family and Origin Foundation. There will be really practical examples of ways to include Math’s in the everyday and the host makes the afternoon very entertaining and a bit of fun.

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