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Thank you for your support

Posted by: Gawura on 12th Jul 2017

Gawura would not be celebrating a magnificent milestone this year without the support of so many people – from financial supporters, to volunteers who give their time, to supporters who provide in-kind support such as clothes, paintings, furniture – each and every person provides valuable assistance no matter how great or small their help – it all adds up and we are forever grateful to you all.

We would like to make special mention of the financial supporters to this year’s End of Financial Year Appeal – Our 10 Year Anniversary Appeal! Thank you to each and every one of you. We received over $100,000 which is absolutely fantastic. To ensure the sustainability of the Gawura program through to the next 10 years and beyond, we desperately need to add funding to our sustainability fund to see us through tough times and unforeseeable circumstances. We will be able to contribute some of these funds to our sustainability pot this year as well as towards individual scholarships, spare uniforms for our secondary students and to support our new Gawura Ngara Centre on level 6 of St Andrew’s Cathedral School. This is an excellent outcome and again, we thank you all for believing in the education of our Gawura students.

In alphabetical order:

Anderson, Kay
Applin, Jean
Ball, Michael
Barrett, Nikki
Bleux (Skye Molyneux)
Boas, Imogen
Boyle, David
Chek, Adrian
Clayton, John and Grassby, Carole
Clinton, Louis and Fatima
Cross, John
Dick Smith Foods Foundation
Donovan, Peter and Margaret
Dunford, Tony
Dunn, Helen
Fasher, Michael
Gammel, Debbie
Ha-Ke-Na Foundation
Hancock, Victor and Susanne
Hannaford, Julie
Heriot, Rachel
Howard, Rosemary & Dan
Jagot, Simon
Joyce, Paul
Kelly, Graham and Christine
Kerruish, Charles M
Kerruish, Charles M
Leach, Margo
Littlewoods Services Pty Limited
Mann, Diane
Marlow, Jon
Martha Fetner
Moore, Helen
Ottaway, Richard James Jim
Pascoe, John
Pearse, Merryn
Raffel, Kanishka
Raskopoulos, Eugenia
Riger, Antonia
Rimmer, Mark and Fiona
Robert and Kathryn Cowley
Smith, Andrew
Todd, Susan
Walburn, Ally
Wang, Yanchang
Webb, Michelle
Wheeler, Philip
Williams, Christine
Willis, Richard

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