Dhaagun ~ Earth


We gratefully acknowledge these organisations and individuals whose generous contributions strengthen the earth beneath our feet. Their collective support continues to provide the critical grounding for the future of Gawura.

Australian College Of Professionals
Ball, Michael
Barrett-Lennard, Jim
Behrendt, Larissa
Bell, Andrew
Bobbin, Peter
Boyle, David
Clegg, Brett
Clinton, Louis and Fatima
Collier, John
Crook, Lucy
Cross, John
Debt Fix Pty Limited
Di Giusto, Ivan
Douglas, John and Jennifer
Dunford, Connie
Dunford, Tony
Dunnett, Ken
Fairfax, John B.
Fan, Dezhi
Farrugia, Steven
Glenn Richard
Gower, Pamela
Graham, Maree
Grant, Catherine
Hibbert, Jane
Innis, Michelle
Jagot, Simon
Kelly, Graham and Christine
Leopold, Alec
Mark Coultan and Rosemary Morrow
Moore, Helen
Mr Anthony Rodwell-Ball
Mr Tom Boyce
National Australia Bank Limited – ABN 12 004 044
Needham, Jane
NGS Super
Old Andreans Association (OAA)
Paul and Gabrielle Oslington
Pearse, Merryn
Peel, Alice
Pond, Elizabeth
Reid, Sally-Anne
Robb, Julie
Robert and Kathryn Cowley
Shain, Christopher
Sharpe, Dr Michael
Shuttleworth, James and Mary
Skelton, Kevin
Smith, Andrew
Smith, Dick
Sternecker, Karl and Sally
Stevens, Elizabeth
The Dick and Pip Smith Foundation
Weaver, Paul and Sarah
Webb, Michelle
Wheeler, Philip and Jillian
White, Michael and Ravich, Katie
Winram, Michael
Wodzinski, Sally
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