“The concept of the Journeys of the Heart, our Schools’ guiding principal, accords well with both St Andrew’s Cathedral School and Gawura’s view of holistic education.  The inner journey is more important than the outer, that is to say, character formation is more important than proximal geography: who we are matters more than where we are.  For that reason, we are committed to the journey of life of the young people in our care, and to launching them well during their formative years on that journey.  After all, where we start and how we begin, largely determines where we will go!  One of the iconic Heads of a great Australian school has rightly said ‘the heart of education is education of the heart’. We want to imbue our students with a sense of purpose, a moral compass and a value gauge for the journey of life.

Education is fundamentally important in our society.  It is about developing and changing people at one of the few stages in life when people can be fundamentally changed and their characters formed.  Forming young people, who will soon be the driving generation in society, is about creating the future.  What could be more valuable?  What could be more important?  What could be more strategic?” Dr John Collier, Head of St Andrew’s Cathedral School and Executive Head of Gawura.

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