Learning Support & Intervention Programmes

Classroom4At Gawura we are committed to ensuring that each of our students receives support and intervention appropriate to their own stage of development.

The following information on our Learning Support and Literacy Intervention Programmes may appear quite detailed but is very easily explained and demonstrated. No question is too easy or too hard for us to answer, so please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask as many questions as you need.

Enrichment and learning in Gawura is a ‘whole school’ planning support mechanism which ensures that the needs of our Gawura students are being met.  Enrichment and Learning considers implications across the following areas:

  • Individual student and class needs
  • Whole school planning

Literacy Intervention Programmes:  Reading intervention at Gawura incorporates both commercial and school designed programmes. The programme focuses on Top Down (whole text – fluency, vocabulary and comprehension) and Bottom Up (graphophonic cues, word attack and sight words) methods and targets the children’s instructional level. The programme is:

  • explicit;
  • highly routine/systematic;
  • targets specific needs; and
  • involves ongoing monitoring and tracking of
    student progress.

Fundamental to Gawura’s reading intervention programme, is the understanding that phonemic awareness forms the cornerstone to the instruction of beginning readers/low progress readers and is supported by OTAGS (AIS 2010).

MULTILIT and MULTILIT Extension forms part of our approach to reading intervention. The Gawura staff members have been formally trained in the use of MULTILIT. In-school programmes are further supported by home and holiday reading programmes.

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