Chaplaincy & Chapel

Rev Craig Foster teaching the students.

 St Andrew’s Cathedral School and Gawura are founded on the principals of Christian faith. From our motto Via Crucis Via Lucis (the way of the cross is the way of light) to our vibrant Edge camp that takes place each year, Christianity permeates our culture in a positive, fun and enlightening way.

Our Christian Ministry team comprises four passionate staff. Two of the four Chaplains engage with the Gawura students in Chapel and in the Classroom on a regular basis including The Reverend Craig Foster, who oversees the Christian Ministry team and Mr Garth Hasler, our Junior School Minister.

Our Chaplains facilitate the teaching of Christian Education, the running of Chapel services, the coordination of volunteer Christian activities and provide pastoral support to both staff and students in a busy and sometimes confusing school environment.

Chapel is a vital and enjoyable part of life at Gawura. Our students attend one Chapel session per week where the Bible is taught. Singing, bible reading and prayer are often lead by the students. Books of the Bible are explored in Chapel, as well as talks on issues relevant to all students, whether they profess the Christian faith or not. All students are encouraged to listen to and consider the Christian Gospel and how this impacts their lives.

Chapel Services are usually held in Chapter House attached to St Andrew’s Cathedral. There are also occasional formal services at the School such as Term Service, Easter Service, Valedictory and Carols.

More information on the work of our combined Schools’ Chaplaincy can be found here.



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