Assessment and Reporting

Imani HewittOur students benefit enormously from the regular and varied assessment procedures which we have implemented at Gawura. Our assessment strategies include formal, informal and quantitative and qualitative procedures which are conducted on a regular basis throughout the year.

Student portfolios are compiled throughout the year and contain work samples and student self assessments.

Student profiles record student’s achievements throughout the schooling system and include:

  • Individual Learning Plans (ILP’s)
  • Personalised Learning Plans (PLP’s)
  • School based tracking
  • Diagnostic and standardised/normed testing results
  • Work samples
  • National Assessment Programme – Literacy and Numeracy (Yr 3 and 5) results and SMART Data.

Reporting on student achievement and progress occurs both formally and informally. Formal reporting to parents involves:

  • Parent/Teacher interviews (Kindergarten to Year 2) in Term 1 and 3
  • 3-way interview (Year 3-Year 6) in Term 1 and 3
  • Written Reports in Term 2 and 4

Parents are able to meet with class teachers regarding the progress of their child at any time during the school year before or after school, at a mutually convenient time.  Teachers may request an interview with parents when thought necessary.

A parent/teacher information afternoon is conducted early in Term 1. This is a meeting where teachers give a general overview of curriculum and classroom expectations. As part of the Gawura Parent Advisory Committee (GPAC), parent workshops are held each term to focus on developing aspects of the home/school partnership.

Reporting and viewing of student work sample: ILP’s/PLP’s and tracking occurs twice a year.

Fortnightly newsletters: Message Stick is available on-line.

Mr David North, Head of Gawura may request a special interview with a parent or carer regarding a student and is available on appointment to speak to a parents or carers about matters of concern.

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