The Teaching & Learning Environment

Education is the fundamental challenge, so that we can secure a future for Aboriginal children where they are able to enjoy the fruits of participating in the Australian mainstream whilst keeping their culture, heritage and their traditional languages.”
Noel Pearson, ABC 730 report 1 October 2009.




Stop the Gap, not Close the Gap!

Early education is critical in improving disparities between educational outcomes of Indigenous and non Indigenous Australians. We encourage enrolments in Kindergarten to ensure the educational gap never commences.

Our commitment is to ‘Stop the Gap’ not ‘Close the Gap’!


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives

Gawura emphasises identity and cultural awareness within an atmosphere of reconciliation; empowering Indigenous children with self belief, options and opportunity. Embedded in the curriculum are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives along with a significant focus on education of core literacy and numeracy development. Learn more about our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives .

Individual and Personalised Learning Plans (ILPs and PLPs)

Student progress is assessed through both qualitative and quantitative measures and monitored through Individual Learning Plans (ILP’s), Personalised Learning Plans (PLPs) and ongoing tracking procedures. The assessment of students’ progress towards the achievement of the NSW Board of Studies requirements, content and skill acquisition, along with the development of values and attitudes is ongoing.

Success breeds Success

At Gawura, the continuity of practice, independent work habits, high expectations and attendance are paramount. Student outcomes aim at success and are differentiated through outcome, content, processes (skills) and product. Students requiring either intervention or extension experience a similar amount of teacher time and support.


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