Friends of Gawura

The Gawura Community would like to thank all those who have shared the Gawura vision and provided such incredible support to the programme since its inception in 2007.  It is due to the foresight and ongoing generosity of so many that Gawura has been able to go from strength to strength, and now stands as a “lighthouse model” in Indigenous education.

Gawura values all contributions and assistance it receives, no matter how large or small. We acknowledge our supporters via seven special groupings, each with their own Wiradjuri name, recognising the different levels of extraordinary assistance we receive. Each grouping is also represented by a sample of artwork lovingly painted by one of our Gawura fathers, Stephen Green and his son, Sonny. We would like to acknowledge and thank both Stephen and Sonny for sharing their works of art with our Friends of Gawura.

The first grouping ‘Miilu’ or ‘Vision’ in Wiradjuri, is a special acknowledgement for the ‘Founding Partners’ of Gawura – our visionary collaborators, without whose critical support, Gawura would not exist today.






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