Gawala ~ Path

We gratefully acknowledge these organisations and individuals whose generous contributions assist us in lighting the path, working together to provide a brighter future for our Indigenous students.

Anderson, Kay
Armstrong Op Shop
Armstrong, David
Astle, Malcolm
Bernasconi, Rachel
Britton, Anne
Chek, Adrian
Cheng, Kirsty
Clayton, John and Grassby, Carole
Culas, Alex
Davis, Lesley
Farruna Pty Ltd
Furlong, Michael
Gelhard, Wendy
Gibson, Greg
Grant, Yvonne
Hicks, Armon and Sowada, Karin
Ilchef, Ralf and Hayes, Ingrid
Jarvis, Lyn
Laithwaite, Marcus
Lejins, Ziggi
MacCallum, Malcolm
Miller, Rosemary
Powell, Rodger
Robb, David
Ryugo, David
Schatz, Peter
Sefiani, Robyn
Shaw, Melanie
Silversmith, John
Sligo, Graeme and Joanne
Tambiah, Yasmin
Todd, Susan
Trollip, Jonathan
Yang, Yang
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