Enrol at Gawura Primary School

Class painting 43Gawura is a Kindergarten to Year 6 Primary School which caters for up to 28 students. All students are funded through a scholarship programme for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from disadvantaged families.  We accept up to four places each year into Kindergarten.

Scholarship to Gawura

Places at Gawura are offered as a scholarship which covers the majority of tuition fees and expenses, subject to enrolment criteria (listed below).

The tuition Scholarship at Gawura Primary School includes one complete set of the current St Andrew’s Cathedral School Junior School uniform (not including footwear and additional uniform items) and participation in all classroom activities and classroom resources. Items not included in the fees are excursion costs, transportation outside of the School boundary pick up service, admission fees to sporting venues, visiting shows or organisations, tuition fees for after school activities, additional uniform purchases or any other ‘user pay’ activities.

Tuition Fees

Upon successful receipt of a scholarship, families are required to pay a fee of $250 per term for the first child enrolled and $200 for every subsequent sibling enrolled at our Primary School.

Enrolment Application Criteria:

To apply for a scholarship place, students must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Written evidence of being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent recognised by an organisation with a common seal. The Indigenous Coordination Centre can provide a form for families to complete, where necessary.
  • Attendance at a family interview: to ascertain commitment to education and motivation for learning and family commitment to being part of the School.
  • Acceptance of Christian values of the School.
  • Ability to arrange transport to school. The Gawura bus transport service to and from School can only be offered to students who live approximately three kilometres from Redfern Community Centre. Parents of students outside that area will need to arrange their child’s transport to School.
  • Commitment to the fee schedule.
  • References.
  • Evidence of financial disadvantage.

For more information about enrolling at Gawura, please contact Mr Bruce Perry, School Registrar or call him on 02 9286 9500.

To view our enrolment brochure please click on the link: 2016 Gawura Scholarship Brochure


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