Gawura Parent Advisory Committee (GPAC)


The Gawura Parent Advisory Committee (GPAC) is the key consultative group for Gawura. It comprises parents of Gawura students and Gawura teachers and staff. The group meets twice a term to discuss the educational issues of the students, as well as other topics relevant to the wider Gawura Community.

“The GPAC meetings are a great way for us parents to engage in our children’s education.  It’s deadly to have a voice”! Gawura Parent.

I am so glad to be able to provide a better future for my two sons. I also work in the canteen at St Andrew’s Cathedral School.  I find this enjoyable as I get to personally meet and greet all the Gawura students, parents and grandparents – this makes us all feel like extended family.  The environment in the Gawura classroom is wonderful and the Gawura students feel at home and special”.  Gawura Parent.

All Gawura parents and guardians are invited to attend GPAC meetings. Meetings are held on Thursday mornings before school of Week 2 and Week 8 of each term. For more information on how you can become involved, please contact David North, Head of Gawura.

“We have been continually delighted by the strong, collaborative partnerships developed through the Gawura parent body, the Gawura Parent Advisory Committee, Friends of Gawura, community members, community organisations, our volunteers and SACS community and staff.  The channels of communication are always open and friendly and definitely reflect a common interest, the children”.  David North, Head of Gawura

The Committee’s Purpose

The structure of the Advisory Committee was developed in conjunction with Gawura families to ensure that there are representative views on our Indigenous perspectives and other sensitive issues, such as languages. It also provides a formal mechanism to:

  • Have open and direct feedback from parents in response to a range of issues to move Gawura forward as a school for Indigenous children focussed on literacy and numeracy acquisition in a culturally enriching environment, in consultation with family and community.
  • Represent the range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities which make up Gawura.
  • Issues included for discussion by the parents include:
    • Cultural issues (including board of studies curriculum requirements)
    • Establishment of formal processes for cultural protocols
    • Curriculum
    • In school homework programme
    • Outdoor education
    • Core Literacy and numeracy acquisition/development
    • Student Expectations
    • Books in Homes programmes, vacation reading programmes
    • Transition to School, Transition to Secondary School
    • NAPLAN
    • Student progress
    • School reporting, feedback from screening
    • Homework
    • Technology in the classroom
    • Multilit and Thrass programmes, and other programmes being used in the classroom
    • Reporting on other activities relevant to the School
    • Staffing, including the employment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff
    • Attendance at School
    • School Bus
    • Vacation reading programme
    • Gawura School newsletter
    • Classroom matters including  information sharing with parents



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