Student Leadership & Honour Roll




Student Leadership in Gawura

Since the inception of Gawura in 2007, we have worked hard to ensure our students are rewarded for their hard work and participation at School and within the wider St Andrew’s Cathedral School community. Each year, we appoint a student to lead Gawura based on their commitment, diligence and ability to act as role models for the rest of the students.

We are proud to announce that Wolmorry Wellington currently holds the Student Leadership position of Captain of Gawura for 2016.



Previous Captains Of Gawura:

2015 Sadie Green and Le-Sean Naylor-Hireme

2014 Tahira Hewitt 

2013 Biwali Bayles

2012 Jacqueline Jacky

2011 Rhianna Kinchela-Packer

2010 Leita Green

2009 Darlene Buchanan-Jarret & Taylor Naylor-Taggar

2008 Shauntai Delaney & Jye Aldridge

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