Gawura Teaching and Support Staff

2016-teaching-staff2016-teaching-staff2Gawura is privileged to have a team of highly dedicated and committed staff and volunteers.

Small class sizes to address Individual Needs

Gawura has three full-time staff, one part time teacher’s aide and two Aboriginal Education aides working with 22 students. This exceptional student/teacher classroom ratio allows us to specifically address the individual academic and pastoral needs of the students. Dialogue between home and school is openly encouraged and reinforces the attention devoted to our students.

Dedicated Volunteers

Gawura is supported by a dedicated group of volunteers who assist with daily activities, such as our reading programme.

Teaching and Support Staff at Gawura: 

Gawura is a wonderful learning environment that encompasses a wide range of abilities and strives to ensure every child experiences success. It is a pleasure to come and work with these children everyday”. Miss Rachel Crealy

 “I started at Gawura as a Language Consultant in October 2009. By the new year 2010 I was also employed as Gawura’s Teacher’s Aide. I Graduated from University with My Primary Teacher’s Degree in April 2010 am now employed as a Primary Teacher for the Early Stage 1 (Kindergarten Programme). I am an enduring Teacher and aim to instil a positive attitude into students, to encourage them to achieve their best and beyond. I also pass on the message that, everyone is responsible in continuing their education so that they are able to participate in the world. To be a successful teacher one needs to be a successful learner. Miss Louise Hamilton

“It is an honour to be part of such a unique and supportive community. I am inspired everyday by the students’ passion for learning and their drive to succeed”.  Miss Lauren Rutter

“Gawura is very special and the students are even more sp ecial to me!  After a while the students become part of your life, just like your family! You worry about them, you pray every day for them…. praying for their families….praying that they stay safe and that they are happy.  My hope for them is that they do well in life and that they continue with their education.  Education for these students is the key to their futures”.  Mr Dennis Blewitt (retired April, 2016)



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