Our Beginnings

Gawura: a School for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from Kindergarten to Year 6

Gawura is in many senses, a school within a school. Although it is registered as a school in its own right catering for Indigenous Students from the inner areas of Sydney city, it is an integral part of St Andrew’s Cathedral School and as such I have the privilege of being the Head of both schools.  I am enormously proud of Gawura, which was established in 2007 under the leadership of the former Head of School, Mr Phillip Heath. Gawura stands for our School’s commitment to reversing the overwhelming educational disadvantage for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children which exists across the whole country. As a day school in Sydney’s city centre, St Andrew’s Cathedral School demonstrates its commitment to this challenge by offering a unique, culturally enriched educational journey to Indigenous students who live in the CBD’s neighbouring suburbs.

Vote of thanks

We wish to pay tribute to Philip Heath for his inspiration, perseverance and commitment, in bringing the Gawura vision to life.  We also wish to acknowledge the members of the original task force, including Pastor Ray Minniecon, a member of our St Andrew’s Cathedral School Council and those who have made immense contributions to building the sustainability and capacity of Gawura.

Student Success

Gawura is a story of success, and we continue to celebrate the achievements of our students, in an environment that fosters high expectations and encourages students to be the very best that they can be. In the words of the students themselves in the Wiradjuri language learned in the classroom, we want all of our Gawura students to proudly claim “ Ngadhu djidamal bala nyanhagu “  I am proud to be me.”

How you can help?

The education of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is a matter of social justice in our land. Please consider supporting this successful and unique school, and become a Friend of Gawura. Your generosity will be transformational for the students and their families.

Dr John Collier
Dr John Collier, BA, Dip.Ed, Dipl.Bibl.St., Ed. D, FACE, MACEL.
Head of St Andrew’s Cathedral School,
Executive Head of St Andrew’s Cathedral Gawura School.

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