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An important component of Gawura’s sustainability into the future, is the growth and development of our Bequest Programme.  For those of you who have generously decided to contribute financially, beyond your own lives, to enhance opportunities for future generations of Gawura students, please find following information which may be of help you:

It is recommended you seek the advice of a qualified solicitor when preparing or altering your Will.

Below is the suggested wording for your will with respect to your donation:

“I give free of all duties to St Andrew’s Cathedral School Foundation – Gawura Scholarship Fund (administered by St Andrew’s Cathedral School Foundation ABN 16 001 943 826)
the sum of $_________ for the general purposes of the development and ongoing educational activities of St Andrew’s Cathedral School (ABN 34 429 367 893) and St Andrew’s Cathedral Gawura School through programmes developed by the School with respect to the Gawura Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Programme or for such similar purposes or programmes as the St Andrew’s Cathedral School Foundation may determine involving the education of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander students at the abovementioned Schools. 

I declare that the receipt of the Treasurer or other proper officer of the St Andrew’s Cathedral School Foundation shall be a sufficient discharge to my Executor for this gift and my Executor shall not be bound to see to the application thereof”.

A bequest may be unrestricted or designated for a particular use. Ways of making a bequest include a sum of money, a percentage of your estate or a specific asset. We value every bequest.

Gifts or bequests to the St Andrew’s Cathedral School Foundation – Gawura Scholarship Fund are tax deductible. Item 2.1.13 School Scholarship Fund, Subdivision 30-B ITAA 1997

For further information about our Bequest Programme please contact:

Lucy Crook, Director of Development (Gawura)
St Andrew’s Cathedral School
Sydney Square
Sydney NSW  2000

p: (02)  9009 5466
e: lcrook@sacs.nsw.edu.au
w: www.gawura.nsw.edu.au


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